Dressing Etiquette

  1.   What should I wear when dressing at a show?

    • Wear ALL black!! This includes black shoes and black jackets/cover-ups! Wear comfortable shoes that you can move quickly and efficiently in (…and will not give you blisters). Do not wear a lot of makeup or dangly jewelry. Both of these things could damage pieces during a show.

  2. How should I act when dressing at a show?

    • Look, act, and sound professional. This includes minimal talking before and during the show, addressing show staff cordially, and wearing modest clothing. Remember that you are representing UFG and UT!!
  3. When should I arrive at a show?

    • Get there by call time. Call time will ALWAYS be specified before you sign up for an event. Verify that you will be able to get to the venue and find the dressing room by call time before you sign up to dress.   

  4. What should I do once I get there?

    • When you get to the show, find other UFG members. Most likely there will be a dressing committee officer at the show who you will sign in with. After that, wait until the show production team gives you instructions on which model you will be dressing and other specifics that you need to know before the show starts. Once they have assigned you a rack, get familiar with the garments AND your model. Make sure you know which accessories go with which outfit. UNZIP AND UNBUTTON EVERYTHING BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS. At most shows, the average change time will be about one minute, so making sure the outfits are ready to go straight onto the model is imperative! Hang up clothes as soon as possible after an outfit has been modeled. In most cases, you will have about 2-3 minutes before the next change. During this time, make sure the clothes are not wrinkled on the floor and are at least draped over the hanging rack. Remember that you are there as a team with the other UFG members. We all help each other out as best we can during shows. You should never be standing and waiting while a show is running. There is always someone that needs help, clothes that need hung, or shoes that need tied!

Most importantly, have fun!! Dressing at local shows is an incredible opportunity and will show you a really unique view of the fashion industry. J If you have any questions, email alexrmccracken@gmail.com or call/text 972-998-5629 for Alex McCracken (Head Model Coordinator).