Our meetings are held every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM and typically last about an hour. We start off with UFG announcements, transition into a fun icebreaker, and then start the main topic of the meeting, varying from speakers, to panels, to discussions, and more. Snacks and drinks are complimentary but limited, so be sure to arrive early!

For more information on how to join UFG and become an active member, we strongly encourage you to attend a meeting and address any questions to our officers. We often don't have time for all questions during the meetings and will usually stay past the end of the hour to mingle and meet new members. 

Spring 2017 MeetingS

January 25: Gea 105

February 8: GEA 105

February 22: GEA 105

March 8: GEA 105

March 22: GEA 105

April 5: GEA 105

April 17: GEA 105

May 3: Gea 105